Team Mosolov-P

Günter Schwaiger

Was borrn in Neumarkt/Salzburg. He studied ethnology and drama in Vienna. After living and working several years in Rome and Milan he went to Madrid where has been a film and theatre director since the early 1990s. Director of documentaries, theatre, opera and fictiion short films, much of them award wining. His works deal with communication problems and solitude in an increasingly cold society.





Cristina García Alía

Studied fine Arts, Sculpture  and Restoration at the Complutense University of Madrid and was engaged for many years on major restoration projets in Spain, while exhibiting her sculptures and  working as as a set  photographer. At the same time, she developed the Mosolov-P project with Günter Schwaiger as Head  of the art Departament for his short films.

She has since 2008 worked exclusively for Mosolov-P.